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What to Look For When Buying a Blanket for a New Baby

 What to look for when buying a blanket for a new baby

What to Look For When Buying a Blanket for a New Baby

Is there a new baby in your life? Whether that may be yourself or someone close to you. A blanket is the perfect gift! Super versatile, handy and the perfect addition to any nursery! But with SO many options available in the market, how do you know a good, quality blanket when you see one? And what are the key things you should look for when purchasing a blanket for a new baby?


1. Fabric

It seems simple, but the first thing you should always check when looking to purchase a blanket for a baby or toddler, is the fabric the blanket has been made from. You want a breathable fabric to ensure safe practices, such as cotton. Avoid any material that is too thick or heavy. 

2. Practicality

There are many beautifully designed blankets on the market. But how practical are they? Do they wash well? How easy can they be folded into a nappy bag or pram? An ideal blanket is one that washes well on a machine cycle and dries quickly. Again, this is when the lightweight fabric comes back into play! Not only are they fast drying and durable, but they fold (or scrunch - depending on what kind of rush you are in!) extremely well.

3. Size

The best part of gifting a blanket is the versatility of your gift!! Our favorite way to use our Mini & Luxe Baby Blankets include using them for play/picnic blankets, pram blanket for when the weather turns, breastfeeding covers if you prefer to use them or even sun protection! So making sure they are a good size is definitely a must! At Mini & Luxe, our blankets are purposely 100cm x 100cm. 

4. Safety

Of course, we cannot forget to consider safety when picking out a blanket for a new baby. If the blanket has tassels, ensure they are not overly long (choking hazards) and it is best to avoid using these types of blanket for sleep. (We have ensured our Fringe blankets here at Mini & Luxe are on the shorter side).

Also, once again, ensure the material of your new blanket is breathable and has not been manufactured with any harsh chemicals.

5. Support Small Business

And lastly, support your small or local business! While it is easy to visit your large department stores when shopping for your new blanket, it is a great idea to check out smaller brands or businesses that may be able to provide you with a more unique, personalized option and experience! You will make a small business owners day!!

Check out our latest collection of Fringe and Laced Baby Blankets. Carefully designed with you and your little one in mind.

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