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Sleep Better With A Good Night Time Routine

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Hey Mama, did you know a good night time routine is just as important as a morning routine? In order for a good nights sleep, you must take the time to unwind from the day. If you are someone who struggles with stress or anxiety, going straight from the TV room and into bed is probably not going to provide you with the best nights sleep.

We need time to process, unwind and release the worry and stresses from the day before we attempt to sleep. Below are 7 easy night time ideas to help you prepare for a good nights rest.

Turn off Social Media

At least 1 hour before you hit the pillows, silence or better yet – turn off your phone. Aimless scrolling before bed peaks our anxiety levels and makes it difficult for our brains to switch off. You don’t need the extra stimulation right before bed, so turn it off – I promise your news feed will be there in the morning.

Have a warm tea/ drink (decaffeinated)

A warm beverage, especially at night, is soothing and relaxing. Warm foods and drinks act as an anchor to our nervous systems and help ground us.

Skin care routine

Just like the rest of our body, our skin works hard during the day too. Give it some TLC. Cleanse and moisturise before bed is a great way to show a little self love to our physical bodies at the end of the day.

Journal your day

If you have had a particularly hard day, and you are feeling overwhelmed into the night, consider pulling out a notepad and writing it all day. Jot down your stresses, worries and angst. Try to pin point the cause of your unease. By putting it all on paper, you will be surprised of the burden that is lifted from your shoulders. Plus, it may also help you see a resolution to a particular problem. There are so many benefits to journaling, give it a go.

Night time gentle yoga

10 minutes of a gentle Yoga practice does wonders for calming the nervous system and releasing tension from the day. Allow yourself to sit in silence and listen to your body. Stretch and breathe deeply into all the areas of tension. Let it go. Check out Youtube for some great night time Yoga routines.


Just like our gentle Yoga practice, 5 or 10 minutes of mediation is a great way to calm the nervous system and release tension/ stress. Practice some deep breathing and relax the shoulders. Inhale the stresses of the day, and exhale to let it all go.


A great habit to get into is heading to bed 30 min – 1 hour earlier than you normally would and picking up a good book to relax with. Turn off the TV, phones and all devices. Completely immerse yourself with a good book as you begin to wind down for the night.

How many of these ideas do you think you could add into your existing night time routine? Try to incorporate at least 1 or 2 over the next week, and see how it affects your mental health, productivity and overall wellness. Let me know! 

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