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Content Creating & Using Instagram Presets

Instagram Preset Poll
Do you use Presets on your Instagram photos? I recently asked this question over on Instagram @miniandluxe and 80% of you said YES!

Why use Instagram Presets?

It’s no secret that Instagram Presets are a very popular Content Creator Must-Have these days. And it seems that almost everyone is using them!

3 reasons to use an IG Preset:

  1. Presets help cut down on editing time

For anyone who spends a lot of time taking and editing photos, you know it is a TASK. Whether you are a Content Creator who is snapping a heap of photos of Brands (we love you, thank you!) or you are a professional photographer who has just completed a beautiful session, you know all to well that when it comes to editing, you want to be as productive (and consistent) as possible. Making sure the lighting between each shot is similar, the skin tones, backgrounds etc. A pre-made preset makes your job THAT much easier. Once the preset is applied, it often only takes simple tweaking to get your photos finished.

  1. They help the aesthetic flow on your Instagram Grid

All hail the consistent, beautiful IG Pages out there. Is there anything more satisfying? Presets keep everything consistent and flowing. Capturing your audience, enhancing photos and making you look oh-so profesh!

  1. Improves photo quality/ lighting issues

Presets are a great way to help improve photo quality or lighting issues (to an extent). Remember, you still need to ensure quality and lighting on your behalf. Presets will enhance but they wont exactly fix. However, I must say I have been pretty amazed at how good some shabbier photos have come up once a Preset is applied (IG Story worthy photo, not Grid worth – IYKYK)

Out of interest, I asked our IG Brains Trust why they personally liked to use Presets. 65% of you said all of the above! While the remaining 35% said you used them purely to help with the aesthetic flow of your grid.

Using a Preset on Content Photos for Brands

Using Presets for your own Instagram Feed is different to using Presets for Brands. A Content Creator needs to be cautious with their editing when they are providing content photos to a Brand – especially if they work with different tones etc to your own Feed.

I love when my Content Creators discuss this with me first. I will often get asked if I like the look of their Presets/ editing or if I prefer a raw image. This open discussion makes sure no one’s time is wasted – especially yours as the hard working Creator!

How do I pick the perfect Instagram Preset?

Decide on what look/ aesthetic you are going for on the ‘Gram. Do you want dark and moody, or maybe light and airy? The best way to begin your Preset journey is to follow other IG Accounts who have mastered the same kind of look you are going for. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask them what Presets they are using!

How can I create my own Preset?

When we opened the discussion on our Instagram @miniandluxe we did receive quite a few messages from our lovely followers saying they now create their own Presets!

A great example of this is @threelittlegroats IG grid! They have set up and saved their own preset to give their IG a personal and consistent feel:

Oat & White Blankets - edited by threelittlegroats

 Pictured: Beautiful Madi captured with our White and Oat Blankets 

Oat & Chocolate Blankets - edited by threelittlegroats

 Pictured: Beautiful Madi captured with our White and Oat Blankets 

You can create your own Presets within the Adobe Lightroom App. This is a great way to show some individualism on the ‘Gram. Plus saving you money on purchasing Preset Packs that you may never use! A few of our Followers are now even making a side hustle selling their beautiful presets! Check out a couple of our favourites below who have used their own presets to capture our beautiful Blankets and products!



 Koda and Oat Blanket - edited by ourgoldentribe

Pictured: Adorable Koda captured with our Oat Throw Blanket using @ourgoldentribe.presets

Koda and White Fringe Blanket - edited by ourgoldentribe

Pictured: Adorable Koda captured with our White Fringe Blanket using @ourgoldentribe.presets


 Roasted Oat Blanket - edited by allygull

Pictured: The sweetest Fisher captured with our Roasted Oat Blanket using @presetsbyallygull

Chocolate Throw Blanket - edited by allygull

Pictured: The sweetest Fisher captured with our Chocolate Throw Blanket using @presetsbyallygull

Remember, Presets are not a requirement for the ‘Gram. But they are a great tool to improve your productivity and to give your Instagram Grid a professional finish. Just make sure if you are using them to edit Content photos for Brands, that you always check with the Brand to make sure the colours/ tones etc fit within their needs. Otherwise, start snapping and get creative!


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