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How to snap those adorable Easter photos this year!

Take the perfect Easter Photo

 I recently took to the polls on our @miniandluxe Insta page, to ask our many Mum Influencers/ Content Creators to give their insight into what makes the best IG Easter worthy photo! Here are the results:


30% of you have ALREADY started your IG Easter photo collection – one month out!

70% voted lighting was the most important consideration when snapping your precious Easter moments

And just for fun, 60% said they are loving Easter bonnets for their photos this year (over Bunny ears!!)


So let’s discuss our 5 Top Tips to make sure you nail your Easter photos this year! Not just for the gram, but for your memory box too.

Lighting is everything

Make sure you are using as much natural lighting as possible. Artificial light works as well, but it is a lot easier to work with natural lighting in the editing process.

Consider your colour scheme

Neutrals are massively popular at the moment (no complaints from us!). They are eye catching and versatile to work with.

However, if neutral isn’t your thing and you love to work with colour, just make sure you are choosing colours that compliment one another – and try to stick with 2 or 3 (at most), including outfit choice.

Choose a simple backdrop

Backdrops can make or break your photoshoot. It is always recommended to use simple background, such as a wall or blanket (guess which blankets I recommend 😉 ). A busy background can distract your audience.

What Easter props will you use

While props aren’t usually required in snapping cute photos, when it comes to Easter, they are a great way to grab the viewers attention! Think a snuggly bunny toy or a cute Easter rattle. Again, simple is best. And watch your colour combos!

Pick your time

Working with babies and toddlers can be a tinyyy bit frustrating if they aren’t in the mood to sit/ lay still for you. Make sure you plan ahead and pick the right time of day for both you and bub. It can be a massive waste of time setting up your mini photoshoot only to have your baby refuse to get involved!

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