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How To: DIY Baby Photography at Home

Most of us Mama’s are pretty tech savvy these days. Our days are more than likely filled with gorgeous DIY baby photos on Instagram, we own a Smartphone with a pretty decent camera and we LOVE taking photos of our gorgeous babies.

DIY home baby photoshoots can be such a fun way to create special moments with your little one, and you  never know what you are going to capture.  However, easier said than done – right?

Below are some handy tips on making sure you get those perfect baby photos, so you can share with friends and family, your IG Fam or simply to help you remember just how tiny those feet were. We also chatted to our IG Fam  @miniandluxe - check out their top tips and tricks for snapping those adorable baby photos at the end of this blog post!

DIY Photography Tip #1

Check out the lighting. There is really no point setting up and attempting photos while the lighting is too dark or too bright. Patience can be key here, and I know how excited you are to jump into your DYI photo shoot, but trust me – the right lighting is worth the wait.

Oat Fringe Baby Swaddle Blanket

Photo by @allygull ft. Our Roasted Oat Fringe Blanket

DIY Photography Tip #2

Make sure your baby isn’t hungry. If you are working with a newborn, give them a full feed prior to your photo shoot. This will ensure they have a full belly, are happy and – hopefully – a little sleepy!

If you are working with an older bub, the same rules apply. Good luck to any Mum out there trying to work with a hungry toddler!Creme Baby Headband

Photo credit @threelittlegroats wearing our Creme Faux Cashmere Headband

DIY Photography Tip #3

Keep your baby warm. Either dress bub to make sure they are warm enough to be comfortable, or turn the heating on. A warm baby is a happy, relaxed baby.

DIY Photography Tip #4

A full fed, warm baby will – hopefully – be a little sleepy too! Drowsy babies, especially in the young months, work best when it comes to baby photography. Pop on the white noise machine or give bub a little cuddle and rock to soothe. This will help you get those adorable photos to cherish forever.

DIY Photography Tip #5

Simple poses work best. When trying to decide on how to pose your baby, keep it simple. If you are working with a newborn, consider swaddling bub for some photos (our Fringe Blankets look oh so sweet. Shop here). Otherwise if you want to go natural – placing their little arms up above their head, or laying on their side make for super cute baby photos.

Oat Fringe Baby Swaddle Blanket

Sweetest capture by @thewillowsphotography with our Oat Fringe Blanket

DIY Photography Tip #6

Consider what props you want to use. Old favorites are baskets and blankets (you can shop our Blanket range here). But Mama’s, and the professional newborn photographers out there, have also been known to get creative using items such as breastfeeding pillows to prop babies up in certain positions (with blankets to cover/ hide the pillows).

Adorable cuddly teddies and bunnies also make for cute photo props!

Just make sure whatever props you choose to use are baby safe. And never leave bub unattended when using props.

Check out this gorgeous capture by @thedamyondays ft. One of our gorgeous Fringe Blankets!

DIY Baby Photo Shoot Fringe Baby Blanket

DIY Photography Tip #7

Remember, don’t over do it in one day. Working with newborns and babies can be a challenge. So don’t expect to photograph a whole session in one day. Spend a few days playing around with photos, props and bub. They are only tiny once, the effort is always worth it.

 IG Poll DIY Baby Photo Shoot

We asked our beautiful IG Fam over at @miniandluxe their opinions on DIY baby photoshoots at home. 90% voted they had attempted their own DIY photo sessions! 50% of our IG fam were hilariously honest, and admitted they failed when it came to baby photography at home!

We asked some of our creative Mama’s what their top tips were for DIY baby Photoshoot’s at home! See responses below:


@our.golden.tribe: “Patience is key! If your stressed and flustered baby will fight sleep and make the session longer. Make sure baby is fully relaxed before putting down and moving positions. Relaxed baby = completely floppy and perfect for putting in positions. A stiff baby will likely wake up and move around a lot.


@Kyrajadee_ : “Try to not focus on perfection, just their tiny details. A few shots is often enough. Make sure you are focusing on the love you feel in the moment, so that you feel it when you see the photos”


@Threelittlegroats : “Lighting, lighting, lighting. And patience!”

 Do you have any helpful tips to add? Drop them below in our comments section, otherwise head over to @miniandluxe - we would love to hear from you!

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