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7 Signs You Are Experiencing A Social Media Burnout

7 Signs of a Social Media Burnout

Hey Mama. We are all guilty of it. Mindlessly checking our phones every chance we get, having a quick scroll through the feed during work hours, nap times or a longer, deeper scroll after hours (in what should be our down time).

If we aren’t on our phones, they are near us – in our pockets or on our desk.

Our social media platforms are smart in the way they draw us in – sending us notifications when they sense we haven’t been active for a few hours. Encouraging us to keep scrolling when we are active. “Suggesting” pages and products to keep us engaged.

We are spending countless hours of our lives viewing other peoples highlights. Seemingly living the life we all want to live, achieving great things while we go about our life, day in and day out.

Our kids see us on these devices, slowly ingraining them that this type of behavior is okay.

But this information isn’t new. We all know this. Yet, we continue the saga.

Lately, I've seen an increase in ‘social media blackouts’ and people advising their followers that they are ‘signing off for the weekend to take a social media break’. More and more people are discussing how social media is impacting their mental health, their family relationships and chewing up valuable time they could be spending with their kids or working on themselves. This increased awareness is great, and gives hope that perhaps as a society we will eventually take back our lives prior to social media.

So what are the signs that you too could be experiencing a Social Media Burnout? Below we have listed 7 typical signs that may indicate you need to put the phone away, and take a break from your socials.

Sense of overwhelm when picking up your phone

If you experience a sense of dread as you pick up your phone and open your first social media app, this could be a good sign that you are experiencing social media burnout. This is often one of the first signs, so be aware of this feeling and consider switching off for the night.

Feeling anxious during or after checking your feed

Any form of negative emotion, such as anxiety, while you are scrolling through your feed should not be ignored. As we know with anxiety or other mental health issues, the longer you ignore – the worse they tend to get.

Finding yourself participating in unhealthy comparisonitis

Social media has been around long enough now for us to be fully aware of the importance of only following people who have a positive impact on our lives (gone are the days of hate following – we hope). However, thanks to the algorithm, our social media apps love to ‘suggest’ new accounts to follow. Regardless of the accounts you are looking at, whether following or not, if you are finding yourself taking a deep dive into the world of comparisonitis, it is time to switch off.

Feeling a lack of motivation

Feeling deflated or a lack of motivation is a common sign of social media burnout. Try signing off for a day or two – see how much it affects your motivation levels.

Experiencing negative self talk

This also falls into the same category of unhealthy comparison. If you are consistently comparing yourself to other peoples (usually strangers) highlight reels, and telling yourself that you are not good enough – please log out.

If you are experiencing negative self talk, low self esteem or growing anxiety. Please log out. Stay logged out. And take some time to love yourself again.

Finding yourself reactive, rather than proactive with work, chores, responsibilities

Social media is one of the biggest timewasters. A lot of us try to squeeze in a quick feed scroll in between phone calls, ordering a coffee, between conversations – and more concerning, at the red lights. This mindless scrolling, filling up every second of our spare time, reduces the time we spend focusing on decisions we need to make, chores we need to finish etc. And as we know, when we fall behind we spend even more time trying to catch up – usually taking short cuts as we do. This is well known as reactive behaviour in business. Something that most bosses will eventually pick up on, or a trait that could cause frustration in the household. Time to put the phone down?

Losing your sh*t over the small things

Combine all of the above points together. What do you have? An overwhelmed, anxious, negative thinking, and reactive version of yourself. You are taking shortcuts in your responsibilities, comparing yourself continuously to others and telling yourself that you and your life are just not good enough. No wonder your patience is short and you are losing your sh*t this week.

Social media can be a wonderful tool, a great way for busy Mums to connect with other parents or create little side hustles. But it can also be detrimental. The best we can do is to be aware of our time on our social media pages, and be ready to take a break when we feel the signs of a social media burnout coming on.

I promise, your feed, your algorithms, your content will all be there when you return.

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