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7 Reminders When Starting An Instagram Account For Your Baby

Koda with our Oat Throw Blanket

Photo credit: our.golden.tribe ft Our Oat Tassel Baby Blanket

Did you know that parents are two times more likely to start a side hustle, over non-parents these days? Due to the times we live in, this is probably not as big as a surprise as it may have been a few years ago.

It’s no wonder we have seen an increase of adorable baby Instagram accounts on our Explore page! For Mum’s with new bubs, we spend half our days taking photos of our little ones. And of course – we love to share those photos with anyone who will pay attention! So why not make it profitable?

As a brand, Mini & Luxe are always on the hunt for new content creators and ambassadors to turn our products into eye catching visuals for our potential customers. And while we love seeing the baby Instagram accounts on the rise, now seems like a good time for some timely reminders surrounding commercial Instagram use with our kids, including working with brands

Be mindful that you are creating a permanent digital footprint

Always be mindful that your new baby has not exactly asked for his or her photo to be shared with strangers – at least not yet! You are creating their digital footprint with every photo you post, so make sure you are not sharing anything that could be of disadvantage to your child later in life.

Don’t let Instagram time take over play time

Balance, always. Be aware of how much time you are investing in capturing those Instagramable photos. Don’t let the task of content creating consume you so much, that you are taking away special bonding and play time with your child.

Be aware, and find balance with content creating. Don't forget to let the kids, be kids.

Don’t share nude or rude photos i.e. bath time

This one more than likely goes without saying, but please be careful with the types of photos you take. Even innocent photos of your gorgeous baby playing in the bath can be dangerous if come across by the wrong pair of eyes. Keep these precious captures for your own private photo albums, and reminisce with family in the years to come.

Be careful of location sharing

We often share our location automatically these days, such as tagging the restaurant we are eating at or the park we are visiting. Sharing such specific information can have dire consequences. Especially if you are constantly tagging areas of interest around your own neighborhood.

Be very mindful of location sharing – and if possible, avoid it altogether.

Discuss with Brands on how the photos will be used

You’ve landed a brand deal – congrats! Brand deals are a great way to score free product or even monetize your content creating. But you should always feel comfortable with the brand you are dealing with. Feel comfortable enough to ask how they will use the photos i.e. their own Instagram page, website, newsletters or perhaps advertising on a bigger scale. Always speak up if you feel you need to.

Keep your values aligned with Brand work

In addition to the above point, make sure the brand work you are undertaking aligns with you and your family’s values. Just because you are offered an incentive to work with a brand, if it is a business that does not sit right with you (perhaps due to how they manufacture their products, big business vs small business, treatment of customers etc) then be strong enough to say no. Doing so will keep your own integrity and reputation in tact – which in the long run makes you more valuable to other brands and your followers.

[Sticking with your values] will keep your own integrity and reputation in tact – which in the long run makes you more valuable to other brands and your followers.

Come from a good place

Always make sure the reasons behind creating your baby’s Instagram page are from a good place. For example, a way to connect with other like minded parents and supporting your local small businesses, rather than attempting to reach your idea of ‘Instagram famous’. Never exploit your child for money or fame. Hint: Your followers and potential brand opportunities can spot this a mile away!

baobao.m with our Oat Tassel Baby Blanket

@baobao.m with our Oat Tassel Baby Blanket

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