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5 Tips on Finding the Perfect Gift for a New Baby

 5 Tips on Finding the Perfect Gift for a New Baby

5 Tips on Finding the Perfect Gift for a New Baby

Sourcing gifts for a new baby is exciting! But it can also be a little daunting. You want to find the 'perfect' gift, but you also want to find something a little more unique to everyone else! And most importantly, you want it to tick all the boxes for the new Mum!

At Mini & Luxe, we completely get it! That is why we have created the below quick 5 Tip List to help!

1. Support Small Business

There is nothing more special than supporting small businesses, who often put their heart and soul, and many hours, into their products. 

Thankfully, there has been a great shift in recent years with many consumers like me or you, wanting to support our local, small businesses. Especially since the pandemic, when we sadly saw so many small businesses around us begin to struggle.

By supporting small, you can often find unique, bespoke products. Products that are different to what other people may find in the bigger department stores. Think of the brownie points you will get by gifting something different to everyone else!

Everyone also knows that it can take time to search for special gifts via small businesses, it isn't as easy as going down to your local shopping centre. This will show that thought and care went into picking the perfect gift for that special new baby. 

Check out WeThrift to support some great small businesses, and to also grab yourself a special discount code on our Heirloom Baby Blankets


2. Balance Need vs. Want

Let's be honest. Everyone wants to gift a new baby with beautiful outfits and accessories! And by the end of the baby shower, or newborn gift giving, Mama is arms full of adorable new baby clothes!

Take a moment to really think about how you will balance the need vs. want when it comes to shopping for a new baby. 

Gifts such as baby blankets can be a perfect 'balanced' gift! Picking out a beautiful baby blanket can act as a special accessory for the new bundle of joy, but with all of the practical uses that come with a baby blanket, they also cater for the 'need' (i.e. swaddling/ wrapping, pram cover, comfort). Not to toot our own horn, but have a look at our gorgeous collection of Heirloom Baby Blankets here, they might just be the perfect gift!


3. Find something that can be universal/ passed on

It is definitely the trend to purchase items you can reuse/ recycle these days! We are all so environmentally conscious and are more aware than ever on the effect our buying habits can have on the Earth. 

Try and look for items that can have more than one purpose, our Lace Blankets and precious Fringe Blankets are a great example. Blankets have multiple uses, plus with our beautiful neutral tones, they can be passed down to the next beautiful bundle of joy!

Specific toys (such as wooden) are also a great option, and even neutral toned clothes may be a clever idea as well!


4. Learn from experience

If you are a Mama yourself, take a moment to think back to your Baby Shower or the collection of newborn baby gifts that you received. Are there any items that really stood out to you as great gifts? Perhaps something that you used over and over again. 

If you aren't a parent yourself, maybe ask one of your Mum friends - I am sure they have lots of insight!


5. Don't forget something for Mama

And of course, it is very easy to think 'baby, baby, baby'! But let's not forget the real hero here - Mum! Throw in some face masks, tea or maybe even a comfy pair of slippers. Something simple, that doesn't involve too much time or effort on her behalf to use - because let's be honest, she won't have the time for quite a few months! She will appreciate the gesture.


We hope you  have gained some helpful tips and tricks to purchasing the perfect baby shower or newborn gift! Gift that special person/ baby  in your life something out of the ordinary. Check out our  Laced Baby Blankets, as well as our ever popular neutral toned Fringe Baby Blankets collection. Let us know what you think!


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