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10 Milestone Baby Photos To Capture

Let’s not lie, we all know we will be snapping photos every second of every day once that gorgeous little baby arrives. There is nothing more special than capturing those special moments and sharing them with friends and family. 

For a bit of fun, I have compiled a guide below of the top 10 must-have keepsake captures! These are the heartwarming photos that grace all of our Instagram Feeds on a regular basis, and are a must-have for your family photo album! 

Prepare yourself for sweetness overload...

Last Pregnancy Bump Photo

After having my last baby, I loved looking back at all those precious Bump photos. Isn’t the female body incredible?! Check out this beautiful shot by @HappiWanderers with our White Fringe Blanket

Last Bump Photo - Pregancy

Fresh Newborn Baby Photo

How sweet is this shot from @our.golden.tribe with both our Oat and White Fringe blankets! There is nothing more pure than fresh newborn photos.

Beautiful Newborn Photo

Sibling Love Photo

Nothing gets the heart feeling more fuzzy and warm than beautiful sibling photos. Check out this gorgeous capture by @threelittlegroats with our Chocolate Throw Blanket

Sibling baby photo

My First Smile/ Giggle Photo

Fact: It is impossible to look at a smiling baby and not smile back. OK, could not be a fact - I'm not sure - but look at this capture by @our.golden.tribe and tell me if you smiled too?! Featuring our Oat Throw Blanket

First Laugh Baby Photo

Sleeping Baby Photo

As a Mum of a baby who HATED sleep, there is something just so angelic about a sleeping baby photo. Capture them while you can! Beautiful photos by @ash.wintle with our White Fringe Blanket and @baobao.m with our Pink Fringe Blanket (I had to pick more than one!!)

Sleeping baby photo

Sleeping baby photo

My Favourite Toy Photo

Capture those babies with their favourite toy! It creates a beautiful keepsake that you can share with them later down the track. Gorgeous photo by @threelittlegroats featuring our Pink Faux Cashmere Headband and White Blanket

Baby Favourite Toy Photo

Baby Toes Photo

They are so littleeee! And will never be that small again. Make sure you snap a few of these photos, just like @baobao.m with our Oat Throw Blanket

Baby Toes Photo

My First Christmas Photo

Is Christmas your biggest photoshoot of the year?! Mine sure is! I love looking back on them and seeing how much the kids have grown. Adorable photo by @our.golden.tribe with our Oat Throw Blanket

Baby First Christmas

Squishy Baby Photo

Everyone loves the squishy baby photo! Super cute capture below by @threelittlegroats and our Pink Faux Cashmere Headband

Squishy baby photo

Outfit of the Day Photo #OOTD

Little babies in dress ups make our hearts SING! How adorable is this photo from @threelittlegroats with our Oat Fringe Blanket and Creme Faux Cashmere Headband

Baby Outfit of the Day OOTD

Inspired?! So are we! See below for a quick recap on all products showcased in this article:

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Pink Faux Cashmere Baby Headband

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